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Taribare / Dec 17, 2014

New Auras Now Available!

Walking through the crowded streets of Gotham City or Metropolis, all Exobyte enhanced Heroes and Villains stand out, but only some of them TRULY shine. The difference? Let me tell you, it's not confidence. It's not their history. It's not attitude or power, how many lives they've saved or how many heists they've survived. It's not how many times they've punched Superman and lived to tell about it, and it's not how many times Bane's broken their backs.

It's not even how many skill points they've unlocked.

So what is it?

Auras. Auras make you shine.

And we've got TWELVE new slim and regular Auras, new to the game and now available in the Marketplace. Log in today and get your favorite color so that you, too, can shine!